Four years ago we were asked to make the theme song of a new Netflix movie (XOXO) together with Galantis! Make me feel was the result! Still very proud! Released via Big Beat Records, XOXO Soundtrack Available Now!

Galantis and East & Young - Make Me Feel

The Netflix film XOXO is about six people who go to the festival of the same name. The centerpiece is Ethan. Shortly before the festival, he is asked to perform at XOXO festival as a substitute. He is happy to answer this. Of course a lot of dance music can be heard in the film, including the East & Young album with Galantis, Make Me Feel. Swedish DJs are enjoying worldwide fame after their hits Runaway (U and I) and No Money.

“We have been in contact with Galantis for years, they have become really good friends.” The music for XOXO was collected by Pete Dong, a legendary name in the dance scene. He eventually ended up with Galantis and that’s how East & Young got involved in the film. The film’s supervisor, Pete Tong, asked Galantis if they wanted to make the film’s title song. The song had to sound at the end of the movie and with the credits. Then Galantis said that they had just recorded a really cool album with us. The spherical music we make fits very well into the film world. That’s how the ball started to roll and we ended up in a Netflix film ”.

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