“G** Dammit!” She screamed from the balcony, throwing clothes over the railing in a gesture that would have made The Great Gatsby proud. “What the hell did you do with my shirt!?” This wasn’t going to end well, it was clear. You see, while The Bearded Man usually brags about his successes — his larger than life achievements, he’s also had some real clunker jobs. This summer he was working as a cleaning lady in The Hamptons, and this woman was a maniac. A rich maniac. Which really, is the worst kind of maniac there is because there’s no limit to the amount of damage they can cause. Yep, The Bearded Man screwed up. He lost her favorite Pearl Jam t-shirt. Not knowing what to say, he cobbled together this excuse: “Pearl Jam will always be with you! If only in your heart…” He was fired the next day.

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